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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I am from art, and fresh acrylic stokes on a blank canvas, From the apple banana grove and pohaku placed intricately in formation. I am from the low lying vog that sits on the slopes of Ulupalakua. I am from the kai, the waʻa that glides on its surface. I am from hard work, long hours in the office and endless amounts of community service, I am from the early morning rain on my Papas tin roof, good dancing music, and full belly laughter. I am from growing ti-leaf patches for Nanea’s hula skirts and flourishing ʻilima bushes to some day make a lei The “‘imua; just to get em’” and endless amounts of “I love you’s”. I’m the double chocolate cake from scratch on every birthday and the ‘ulu picked this morning from the tree out back. The kuahiwi of Wakiu, the windy road from Keʻanae to Kaupo. I am the death of my father; Victor Kaukaʻohu, and the birth of my mother; through heartbreak and courage, and the rebirth of myself through bringing life into this world.

I will become the generation of the past; the independent, entrepreneur, business woman, boss babe, And the mother, leader and pillar of strength.

Cloudy summer days + awapuhi season

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